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    Looking for help - I'm on a 14-day trial of a Pre 2 with Verizon. Thinking of sending it back and Franken-preing to keep my Sprint account. One huge difference I have noticed is that, at least here in Washington, DC, web pages load *much* faster on the Verizon Pre 2 than on my overclocked Sprint Pre-. Speed, otherwise, is about the same with the Pre- at 1ghz.

    Is it the Pre 2, or is Verizon's data network faster than Sprint's? My Sprint Pre has always been slow loading pages. Trying to figure out whether it is worth $20 per moth more (and a 2-yr contract with a 20-month upgrade).
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    Have you thought about just doing a quick speedtest comparison? With the Pre2 you can use the flash-based speedtest website to run your test but if your Sprint phone is not meta-doctored then you won't be able to run the same test on it. Maybe there is a better website I don't know of that's not flash based...

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