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    i have looked all over for answers but there are just so many posts about it and search didn't bring up anything. also wasn't mentioned on the wiki.

    I had a pre- that I franken pre2'ed with a verizon pre2. seems to be working fine so far with new profile. still very slow data but that was the same as before. I still have my main profile on my old 1.4.5 sprint pre+ in airplane mode for backup sake.

    first. Do i need to swap the back bezel from the pre- into the pre2 along with the comm board? If I don't what problems would I have? I think I didn't when I went to a sprint pre+ but it was giving me stuck in headset problems so I swapped back and everything was fine. Don't know if it was the back bezel itself or one of the prongs was bent and not contacting correctly. I would like to keep the pre2 back bezel because the cables are in much better condition.

    next when I bring up the device info it says carrier is verizon and device model is p102eww. will this cause problems and get my comm board blacklisted or my profile banned? when I did the franken pre+ I had to meta-doctor the model and carrier to match the sprint pre-.

    The app catalog acts very weird. I got an update for it to 2.0.22300 and the preferences and accounts is greyed out. I downloaded angry birds which I had experience before not working with wrong app store info so it looks to be working fine.

    Finally I didn't do anything with the PRL. How will this affect the phone? poor service or slow data? what is the easiest way to update this? I still have my other sprint pre+ not active and another sprint pre+active if I need to copy files from either.

    thanks, I love the whole webos homebrew community they have helped me so much.
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    For the Verizon comm board swap for Pre2, the back bezel can be ignored and is optional. To fix the headset jack problem, put some graphite powder into the jack. (Shave pencil leader with sandpaper or file). Shake the phone a little and dump it out.

    Don't worry about the carrier attribute. The only thing it affects is the Blackboard app since it is carrier dependent.

    Here is the link to PRL update on meta-doctored Pre2s: Sprint PRL Update - WebOS Internals

    It is recommended that you PRL update so you can gain a better signal.

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