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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    Not for me. Can go easy through the day.
    I'm glad you get through the day with your battery. I think my phone is just defective, to tell you the truth. I haven't even been doing anything on it since I took it off the charger like 2 hours ago and it's already at 50%. I'm sorry, I like the phone but that's just unacceptable on any level. And everything is dialed down to save battery life too. The touchstones are nice, but you shouldn't have to be around them all the time like that just so you don't have to worry about the phone dying. Just saying.
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    Sorry to hear that. This is definitely not normal. Have you seen my post on page 1 about the "can't sleep problem"?
    You may try a different kernel as posted here?
    Edit: you don't need to over clock.
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    please do a search on pre and pre plus battery life tips. These have been issues with webos phones for a while.

    I am getting outstanding battery life, I am using my pre plus' 2600 extended battery and losing only 1-5% per hour.

    turn off facebook notifications, set email to "as items arrive," decrease frequency of twitter notifications, turn screen brightness to minimum (still plenty bright), make sure you are running your carrier's latest PRL (*228 on vzw), use wifi whenever you can, check all your programs that are running synergy services in the background (things like sports live, twitter apps, pack and track, etc).

    if all else fails carry extra batteries ($3-4 on amazon), buy an extended battery (mugen 1400), purchase extra touchstones s($5-10), or if you don't mind the extra bulk purchase a 2600 seidio extended battery ( and get the touchstone mod @ touchstone and forget about your battery woes forever.

    trust me, do the above and then just enjoy your phone. The Pre2 is amazing.
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    Thanks for the advice, somline. Yeah, it doesn't seem normal at all. I've got some investigating to do, thanks for the leads.
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    I'm having the same issue with my new Verizon Pre2. I"m burning about 10% per hour with the phone doing nothing (i.e. while I'm sleeping), so I'm hoping its just Synergy doing its decorating....
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    My VZW Pre 2 is still on the stock kernel with webOS 2.1 loaded. I have a charger in the car so it's charged up when I get to work. Today, I read a few emails, read a word doc for about 20 minutes, checked twitter a number of times, and used the calculator off and on. A somewhat light day of use, yet, used none the less. I was also in a low signal area of the plant for about 30 minutes worth of the day. After 8.5 hours, I had just dropped from 70% to 69% battery left. This is pretty typical for a light day. On days when I surf on the phone and maybe play a game or two for 15 minutes, the phone will typically be between 60-65%. If I am in a the low signal strength area for a couple of hours, though little other use, my phone will go down to around 50-55%.

    To clarify my settings, I have 3 email accounts, with one Road Runner account set at every 15 minutes, another set at 30 minutes, and a GMail account (not heavily used, but receives all my calendar notices) set to "As Arrives".

    So you should be able to get through the day quite easily unless you are pounding away on the phone, which will drain any phone, including a BB (I had a Curve 8330, and if I surfed the web for an hour and played brick breaker for a half hour, I could eat 1 or 2 bars quite easily). So if you aren't getting that kind of battery life, then your phone has an issue (won't sleep, won't clock down, process running like mad in the background, bad battery...).
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    Battery life on my Pre2 seems dependent on what it has been doing during the day; I think some apps keep trying to phone home or something...

    Of course if it is roaming with weak signal at all, just like my original Pre, it will gleefully commit hari kari and die in a couple hours! Otherwise, seems better than my Pre.
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    f104a with undervolt works great...and use no doze for sleep issues...muffle logging saves a bit as well
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    Where is the option to change my email setting to as they arrive?
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    3 days with just 2G and a little bit of wireless here and there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bckrupps View Post
    Where is the option to change my email setting to as they arrive?
    open email app

    tap Email dropdown menu in top left corner

    tap Preferences & Accounts

    go to Accounts section

    tap each email account you wish to modify

    go to Sync section

    tap Get Email dropdown menu

    select "As items arrive" at top of list
    I see pandas.
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    for me just turning off data makes the largest difference. You can use Mode Switcher to automate this. Search "Mode Switcher help" in the forums to find sample settings and triggers.
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    What exactly does as arrive mean? Wouldn't that means it checks it more and uses more battery? I'm confused and I know its an easy answer!

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
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    Quote Originally Posted by knicks2030 View Post
    What exactly does as arrive mean? Wouldn't that means it checks it more and uses more battery? I'm confused and I know its an easy answer!

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
    As items arrive is just another way of saying push I believe.
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    So far, battery life on my Pre 2 has been quite good. I am only checking one Exchange server account (EAS push) but I easily got through the last couple of days without charging in between. Better than my Pre+ with recently replaced battery and similar brightness.
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    can someone link me to the correct battery on Amazon? I searched, but I get a zillion different options, and I'm not sure if they are all essentially the same, or one is better than the other? Thanks.
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    palm branded batteries

    mugen 1400 mA or seidio 1350 mA

    mugen 2800 mA or seidio 2600 mA

    don't use any thing else
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    Signal strength makes all the difference in the world for my Pre Plus and I expect it's the same for Pre2's. I moved locations at work from a place where VZW signal was high to a place where it is marginal. I only sit in this location about 1/week but when I'm there my battery races to the bottom unless I put it into airplane mode or shut off data - so when I'm at that location I leave it on USB charger.

    Like real estate... location location location matters.
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    To the OP:

    Lower the screen brightness to 10%. HUGE savings on power, and, it really doesn't affect visibility that much, suprisingly.

    Bluetooth OFF. GPS OFF, WiFi - on.

    Use airplane mode whenever you are off the touchstone and don't anticipate needing or being able to send/recieve phone calls/text messages.

    And, finally, put a touchstone by your desk and keep your phone mounted to it - use it there for calculator/converters, and to take calls from, without ever taking it off the TS dock, so, its compoletely usable there, and fully powered when you have to go mobile.

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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