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    Navit has a horrible UI though.

    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    Download the GPS Fix app from the App Catalog. It might not be a problem with nDrive.
    thanks for the advice... I downloaded the app, and my gps started working correctly, for the first (I'm on Verizon with a Pre 2)... I can't explain why because it seemed to have no effect at first. I even toggled the "enable" mode on the app to "off", and all of a sudden the GPS started working for both google maps and Ndrive.
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    I just downloaded the GPS fix so I'll try it out tomorrow, I really hope that helps,I don't want my $25 to go down the drain and not have a GPS. Also when I had my Veer I had the yahoo email problem and when I first got my Pre2 it wasn't working fine. I found the workaround article and am trying it now but does anyone know why the error happens?

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