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    I just recently got my unlocked Palm Pre 2, I was thinking of taking it to Boost Mobile but would the Pre2 work on their network? Any recommendations on what carrier to go with (Other than Verizon of course)? Thanks!
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    I'm pretty sure Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint, runs on the CDMA network so you cannot set up an unauthorized phone to use on their network.

    If you choose a service provider that allows for unlocked phones with SIM cards to be used on their network, like T-Mobile or AT&T, you may be in luck. First you need to be aware of what radio frequencies that service provider supports for 3G and whether it matches up with the radio bands in the Pre 2 otherwise yo may not have access to 3G internet speeds.

    Check out this thread for a more detailed explanation: HERE
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    If you don't care about the cost, go on ATT, about $75/mo

    I just got a Pre 2 unlocked and went on Tmobile at $50/mo, its unlimited voice, txt, and data, no contract. Even though the data is slow, since TMobile's 3G isn't compatible with Pre 2, its good enough for me.

    If you mostly use wifi, Tmobile has a plan with 1500(voice+txt) and 30Mb data for $30.
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    I'm using T-Mobile as well. So far Edge is good enough for internet browsing and downloading small apps but I'm in NYC so data coverage is pretty good on all major carriers.
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    I was just reading some threads about going ATT Go-Phone, looks like even if I go prepaid there, I still have to get an extra data plan... it's all making my brain sizzle! I have a friend at Tmobile, I'll see what's up with them I hope I can get a carrier on this phone SOON my other phone isn't so far from obsolete.

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