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    So, here's what happened...

    I called sprint last night and had them activate my pre-. It gave me an error that it could not establish a data connection but they said restart it and it should be fine. So I did and the message didn't come up but the EV didn't either. I figured it was just in the process of activating so I did the swap and everything and when I went to sign into my profile on the pre2 it can't because it can't connect to data. I figured this was a problem with the original activation from last night so I swapped the comm board into the pre-, turned it on and bam! all of a sudden my sprint pre- is offline and doesn't get a sprint signal at all. The comm board is now back in my pre2 and I have full bars. This means something is wrong with the pre- and not the pre2 or the comm board. Unfortunately, this means I can't go in to a sprint store and have them reactivate the phone. What I am wondering is if the sprint stores will activate the data services for a sprint pre 2. Has anyone had anything like this happen?
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    you have to redoctor your Pre minus and then it should get the EV signal. Then you'll need to put the comm board back in the Pre 2, run the meta doctor that you created on it and you should be fine.....
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    Doctor the pre- and see if it activates with evdo signal active. If not, go to a sprint store and find out what's up.

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    if you have the msl then you can try putting the comm board back in the minus. Then when you get the profile login screen tap the make emergency call icon it will bring up the dialpad with 911 entered. delete 911 and dial ##786#. all the way on the bottom is a reset option, select that then enter the msl. if you don't have the msl then call sprint and they will walk you through the same thing. that should get you back on the network then you can swap.

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