So, after a few fits and starts, I've got my Sprint Frankenpre2 mostly working, but I'm having some serious issues. First, the proximity sensor doesn't seem to be working properly in the phone app, but it tests out ok. Calls with the speakerphone or a wired headset work fine, but the proximity sensor doesn't kick in when when you hold the phone to your ear during a call, so calls using the regular earpiece don't work. But when I run the interactive tests on the phone, the earpiece, microphone, and proximity sensor all test out fine.

Second, the phone is just plane buggy. I got maybe 10-15 spontaneous reboots during a day's use, in all sorts of different apps and scenarios.

Anyone have any suggestions? I re-doctored using the meta-doctor scripts, but the behavior on both issues is the same. The phone is a Verizon Pre2 that I swapped just the Sprint Pre comm board into (not the whole back bezel). Thanks!