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    Palm Pre 2 GSM unlocked running on AT&T - webOS 2.1
    When I load the included app SIM TOOLKIT I get this error:

    Unable to retrieve the SIM Service menu. Either there are no SIM services provided by your mobile operator, or there was an error when talking to your SIM.

    Is this normal on ATT?
    What does it mean?

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    it just means ATT doesn't have any SIM services applications installed on your phone. Most likely because your using an unlocked phone that you didn't purchase directly from ATT. So there isnt any carrier bloatware on your phone. If your phone and data are working fine then your SIM isn't damaged. No worries
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    Neither AT&T or T-Mobile offer SIM Toolkit services. Some other GSM providers have things like mobile banking or cell phone reloading as SIM services so if you were to use one of their SIMs then the feature would be available there.

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