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    Hi! I am a sprint user and I am getting my palm pre 2 in the mail tomorrow. I have already removed the palm pre comm board from my pre with the broken screen, but does anyone have video or better pictures of the reassembly process of putting the comm board back onto the pre 2 from a sprint pre? There is a huge warning on the website but the picture hardly shows what it is talking about. If anyone has a video or better pictures of at least the step of the pre 2 reassembly that internals has a warning for, I would love to see it. Thanks!
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    I haven't watched it myself (yet), but this might help:

    FrankenPre Live! The video. | Advanced, Learn, News |webOSroundup

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    Check out the other thread "FrankenPre 2 High-Level Game Plan", started by Soccerbudd. Lots of good info, plus links to online videos.

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