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    So I've been looking to do this SINCE LAUNCH and finally figured it out! Here's what I did: Installed Splashtop app for $4.99. That's it. It's as simple as that. They supposedly have it available in HD for the TouchPad now and it should be a matter of days before it hits the app catalogue. I can't believe it. Yes it's not perfect, and yes the user controls are itty bitty, but it works and quite well. You also get access to your entire computer and all of it's files. Now with my tivo via slingbox I figured out how to watch the NFL with full tivo capabilities. Pause, rewind, multiple games and all perfectly legal as I'm streaming my own content that I pay for remotely on a webOS device. Now if Splashtop (or better yet slingbox but not holding my breath) comes to TP I'll be happy as could be. Being that I really have always just wanted to watch the NFL on Sunday while working (I'm a medic and yes I do have small amounts of time between calls to at least tivo a game or 2) I can finally say my life is complete. This is the ONE THING I have been waiting for on webOS and now I have it. With a pocketful of extra batteries I won't even have to plug in. SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!
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    Had to forward a port to use it via 3G. A bit choppy at times while streaming, but I'm happy as a pig in **** right now. Once this is available on the TP all will be right with the world!!!!
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    I've noticed quite a drain on my battery while streaming the tivo but I guess that's expected. Finally slingbox on webOS!!!!
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    Could you elaborate on how you use this to watch your slingbox?

    Nevermind- I see this is a remote desktop. Looks like it will work on my touchpad. Not clear if they support the veer.

    Thank you!
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    It's a remote desktop that was recommended to me by my brother and I'm totally amazed. I can control my desktop and all of the flash based features including Sirius satellite radio via a yahoo widget, slingbox, my entire media library, movies, windows media player, the list goes on & on. The best $4.99 I've ever spent in my life. I've been waiting for sligbox and Sirius since launch and this has solved my problem. WebOS with these two features alone will keep me around for years to come, or until my end of line devices either die, break or are pried from my cold dead hands and I can't find replacements. Viva la webOS! Such a great day!!!
    Let me know if you can get it to work on the TP Getting late and it took me a couple hrs just to figure out the porting part for 3G...
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    At this point I've put it through my usual paces and for regular TV viewing over 3G (& overclocked to the max on F14) it's pretty much unwatchable because of the broken dialogue & sirius is choppy as well. Wifi is smooth as silk though and this gives me hope. As far as NFL over 3G, totally watchable albeit choppy. At least I can get my fix for now. TP should solve that issue once the app is released on 3.0.2 *fingers crossed*
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    Any word on TP app? Does it at least work in the emulator window? I can't download on my Veer.
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    It doesn't show up in the 3.0.2 app catalog yet. Sign up here for Splashtop TP app release notification:
    I'm sure it will make the front pages as soon as it's out.

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