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    I need help with doing a Sprint FRankenPre2. IS there anyone in Orange County who can do it for me? I have the sprint pre and a new in box verizon pre 2. I guess the software part (step 16) is the part that is making me nervous.. I will pay....
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    I'm on Long Beach and asked the same thing but there was no one local. So I did it myself and so can you.

    Just take your time, read the instructions 2 or 3 times, watch the videos a few times and you'll be fine. It took me about a week to get up the courage but I was more prepared than I thought.

    Hardware videos:

    FrankePre Live! The Video - GSM

    - CDMA

    Software videos: Not really up to date but for someone like me with little experience with Linux, it gave me a good idea of what to expect and a few tips.

    Read, watch and go slow. If a chubby fingered 54 year old woman like me and do it, just about anyone can.
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    I'm in Chino. Might be able to help out Thursday or Friday if you want to make the drive.
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    it isn't that difficult. I had zero previous linux knowledge and I did the whole process in about 10 hours, one saturday.
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    I'm in Laguna.
    I love Nerdy Girls.
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    I can help if you wanna drive out to San Berdu

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