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  • Yes, Skinomi.

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    Just wondering how many people use a screen protector on their Pre2. I know they are not immune to cracking but wondering if there is any point in putting a screen protector on it. A screen protector is going to do little to keep it from cracking but it may keep it from scratching (if that's even possible with gorilla glass). Thanks for the input!
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    Gorilla glass is meaty stuff, so I'm not too worried. That being said, a couple of my jeans have rivets on the coin pocket (the little one that goes inside one of the main pockets) and my last phone got scratched to hell on them as I took it in and out of my pocket, so I may pick one up at a later date.
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    I bought one from ebay but never put it on. Havent felt the need
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    I put one on before I even activated the phone. If a couple bucks will give you peace of mind, why not?
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    I just use the little black and orange pouch that came with my pre- to protect it when it's in my pocket. Other than that I'm not too worried about it.
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    I got a cheap set of protectors from Amazon. I am somewhat anal about wiping grease and stuff off the screen, so I figured the odds of scratching the glass are higher than most other people. Now I can use my jeans, shirt, whatever and not have to worry about scratches
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    I use a protector as they don't seem to get greasy like the glass (or they don't show it as clearly). Like one of the posters above, I also use the black&orange Pre sleeve.
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    I'm anal about it. If it has a screen that gets touched or handled, it gets a protector. My pre+ has been saved a couple of times. The pre2 seems to be made of better stuff.
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    I absolutely hate scratches and imperfections in the physical appearance on my electronics (I don't know if I'm just weird). I ordered from Phantom Skinz (2 for the price of one when you order online and 30 % off with coupon code fall30) and I ordered a silicone case. I'm totally protecting my Pre 2 until they come (even though I still will after they come :P).
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    No screen protector here. I like to go naked.

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    i received my first pre2 on 8/8/2011 and on 8/13/2011 it took a 3 foot drop and spider cracked my screen. so i would say a little extra protection would be appropriate. for gorilla glass's reputation i was not that impressed. second pre2 just arrived yesterday.
  12. daglesj's Avatar
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    Like I've said before I just cut the tab off the screen protector it ships with.

    Still working great.
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    No screen protector here, I've had my Pre 2 since February. I keep my Pre 2 in a Krusell holster, same place I kept my Pre +, I did have a screen protector for that.
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    that's the only thing I use for all my portable machines and all naked as well no cases!
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    This past weekend I noticed some tiny scratches on my screen so I went ahead and installed the Skinomi screen protector that I had ordered a while back but never installed. It looks great on the phone but not too big a fan of the cutouts on the two sensors next to the speaker...
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    When I got my Pre 2, the only custom made screen protector available was from Phantom Skinz. I ordered one, but was using my Pre 2 without it during the time I waited for it to ship. I loved it so much, that I just never applied the screen protector. The bare glass feels good, & I keep it in my original Pre- pouch when in my pocket.
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    I use phanomskinz screen protector. I like the thought of having the extra protection. Pre 2 are going to be hard to get now we don't have any other phone options. The screen is not scratch proof
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    I used one. And I sold my pre 2 for a great price because the screen stays mint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daglesj View Post
    Like I've said before I just cut the tab off the screen protector it ships with.

    Still working great.
    Same here! This is what made the Pre 2 an even better value when I bought it!

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