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    When trying to upload a photo to Mobile Uploads, the upload failed due to "login required." I checked Photos > Prefs and Accounts, and sure enough the username and password information was missing from the Facebook account.

    The thing is, the field for username is dead. I cannot get into it.

    I added a new Facebook account and got logged in fine, but in Photos > Prefs and Accounts, that "dead" FB account will not go away. I try removing it, and it simply cycles forever.

    Not a huge deal -- I just renamed the dead account FBdead so I don't get confused -- but a little annoying.

    FYI the dead account does not exist in the accounts listing in Accounts (app), only in the Photos app.

    Any ideas on how to get rid of it?
    Jeff Wilder, San Francisco Bay Area
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    I just noticed this same issue on mine. I have one 'dead' account and one working account in that list. When I try upload a photo, it shows me 3 FB icons and only one of them works, LOL.
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