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    Yesterday I got the message from Verizon that my Pre 2 was ready for an update...but I declined since I hadn't gone through the backup process yet. Now that I have backed up, I can't get the update to initiate from the "System Updates" app. All it does is show me the spinner and never gives me the update, nor does it fail. I've tried it both with WiFi on and off...still nothing. Any ideas? Am I going to be stuck on 2.0.1 until they decide to try again? Who knows when that might be.
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    Don't no why this is happening. I've had it happen back with other updates. It always came back. If you want to update to 2.1 you could just doctor it too 2.1.
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    Oh yeah. Duh. Took me a while to find it on HP's site...but I did. Doctoring now! Thanks...

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