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    Questions goes like this.
    What will happen when I logg in to my old profile with my brand new UK unlocked Pre 2?
    Is there any steps to go thru before logging in?

    Or shall i create a new profile for my new device?

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    i'm actually going to franken pre2 my sprint pre shortly and was wondeirng how this works. the wiki says if my device is 1.4.5 then it wont work for apps as well as if its 2 or higher. So should i put the 2.1 meta doctor on my sprint pre before i convert to the pre 2? It's a it vague, just wanted to clarify. Thanks.
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    Once you jump to 2.X on your palm profile you will not be able to jump back to 1.4.X. When I got my Pre2 I had already meta doctored my VZW Pre+ to 2.1 and had to go back to 2.0.1 on the Pre2 (as that was the latest released version at the time) and everything was fine.

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