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    Some of the screen protectors have three cut-outs at the top (ie the Skinomi: Skinomi TechSkin - Palm Pre 2 Screen Protector) and some just have the one for the ear piece (ie the Zagg: ZAGG | HP Palm Pre 2 Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG).

    What are the 2 additional cut-outs for on the Skinomi-type protectors and would getting one without them hinder any performance or features?

    (Just upgrade from a Pre Plus to a Pre 2 that should be arriving shortly and want to have a screen protector ready for when it gets here, but unfortunately because I don't have it yet, I can't really tell what those extra 2 cut outs for for.)
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    they are unnecessary. Mine has them and all they do is make the menu swiping annoying.
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    I love Zagg the tackey feel gives a level of confidence in your hand, product fitment is great. They are trickey to install. View all the videos on there website for a better understanding of options. There replacement policy is excellent. I have them on pre+, pre2,touchpad,htc thunderbolt and LG envy. All products fit perfectely
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    Thanks guys. I had the Zagg on my Pre and Pre Pluses but wasn't sure if the cutouts on the top of the Skinomi ones were to help with reception or the face sensor or anything (anyone know why they even put them there and make those cut outs?)
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    Why in the beck would you put a screen protector on the pre2, it has a glass display. Unless you're swiping diamonds across the display you shouldn't need them.
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    You could do what I did. Just leave the protector that comes attached to the phone when it ships. Just get a sharp razor knife and gently cut off the tab.

    Thats what I did and over a month later its still there. Phone works fine with it.
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    Just to throw in my $.02...

    I had the Skinomi screen protector on my Pre+ and had to cut away the top right corner because the proximity sensor didn't work well when it was covered so when I saw that the Skinomi screen protector for the Pre2 had the cut outs for the sensor I figured they knew of the issue and made the change. I bought a Skinomi screen protector for my Pre2 but have yet to put it on...
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    I've had my pre 2 for a couple months now and besides the outer shell, i really haven't felt the need for a protector. the chemically hardened screen feels extremely robust, nothing like the flimsy plastic on my old pre plus.

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