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    Sorry - that title is a bit rambling...

    So, here's the situation:

    I have a VZN Pre2.
    In the States, when I call Canada, it pops up with a question: "Want to use Cell plan minutes or Skype". It's SO COOL!!

    So, now I will be travelling in Canada.
    I have a (Canada) local mobile hotspot wi-fi-tyoe thingy.
    Anybody know if when I try make a call, will I get the Skype option for any (or preferably ALL) attempted calls?

    I HAVE succesfully done data roaming in Canada with my Pre+ and that wi-fi device (worked great for email, browsing, etc), but I had a North America call plan (including Canada). Problem is, I pay about $100/month more for that plan than just adding my phone to our regular business plan.

    Any ideas?

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    CSS routes Skype calls over their voice network in the US, so it will be interesting if it will do it over WiFi in another country.
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    OK, so when you're roaming (Pre 2 on Verizon w/North America plan... (includes coverage in Canada, BUT NO DATA!), I carry a local MiFi-type hotspot with me.

    Allows me to get email, browse, etc. on my Pre2.


    If you try establish a Skype connection, you get an error saying something about needing your Carriers DATA Network.


    Anyone know if ther is a workaround/patch so you can use Skype on a WiFi connection?

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    Hi folks

    Hopefully someone who knows Skype app initimately can help.

    So, to pick up where we left off: If yuou are "data roaming", you cannot use Skype. Makes no bloody sense to me.
    Now, a buddy og mine is going to Europe & Africa, and was planning n using his Pre2 and WiFi hotspots to communicate while he's over there.

    Can ANYONE fix this, so that once you're roaming, you can use a wifi connection to run Skype?



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