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    I just got a pre2 a few days ago, and vibrate does not seem to be working at all. I've tested it over and over again.. restarted luna, tried a full restart, even shut down and pulled the battery.. nothing changed.

    I can not remember if it was working when I first got it. It could have been a problem after the upgrade to 2.1 (which I did immediately after starting up the phone for the first time, so I have no idea if I did anything before that to even trigger the vibrate function), or it could be a glitch with a patch or application that I installed (or one that was pre-installed even) -- I just have no idea.

    All I know is that it is NOT working. Everything else seems to be working fine, and I'm not going to risk sending it back for a replacement as I'm lucky to have even managed to get this one (unlocked gsm pre2s were sold out on the website by the time I got my order to go through, I was not expecting to get lucky at all!).

    I did have a problem with all sound going off for a little while -- not sure if that was from the voice dialing app, or POSSIBLY from a patch to turn off the camera shutter sound -- I removed that patch just in case -- but full restart fixed the sound problem. I just wish I could remember if vibrate was working before that.. no idea.

    Is anyone aware of any programs or patches for which there are known problems with the vibrate function? I didn't find any posts in my search, but it could be I'm just not typing in the right keywords..

    Should I just use the webos doctor and start over? Or should I do a full erase on the device itself? Actually, I've been wondering what the difference is between those two things.. webos doctor or full erase.

    I might as well call hp anyway and ask them if they still have any pre2s in case this one actually is defective, but i'm not sending it back to them until I already have another one in my hand. I'm not going to risk losing this wonderful phone!! I'm not getting my hopes up. (Although, I do seem to have a problem with the keyboard backlight as well, but that's a very minor concern, I'd still keep the phone even if the keyboard backlight didn't work at all.)

    Anyone have any thoughts about this issue?
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    Well, I called Palm support today. I guess the vibrate function IS actually just broken on my phone. He said that they do have units for replacement, which is good. They wanted to charge me 29.99 for "advanced replacement" where they send you the new phone before you send back the old one. Umm... No. I'm not paying 30 dollars to get a replacement for a phone that is less than a week old. The other option was for me to send my phone to them (and pay for shipping I assume) and then wait for them to send me a replacement. I'm not doing that either, I might never see the phone again, and I love the pre2! I had to wait on hold a few times, and then he was able to waive the fee.

    So, they are sending me a new one now. I hope it actually is new, and not refurbished.. but, I'm guessing it will be refurb. Oh well.

    Maybe it won't have the keyboard backlight issue too.. I could live with the keypad backlight not being right, but it would be nice if it was lit uniformly.

    I'm going to have to set up my phone all over again. At least I'll (hopefully) get one that's fully functional, though.

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