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    Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there can help me with a problem i have been having with my PRE 2 for nearly 4 months now. One day back in May my backup stopped working so I was told to turn the backup off and back on again but this then stopped me doing a manual backup. The progress bar at the bottom gets to about 1/3 way across then says backup failed. It was escalated to level 3 support who looked at my logs and eventually after 2 months sent me a link to the Fix Backup App in the app catalogue which fixed the issue.

    I was able to do a full backup to my palm profile. I then however had to run webos doctor to reset my pre 2 becuase of numerous other problems I was having with the phone. I was able to restore completely after webos doctor back to 2.1.0 but the problem with the backup came back again!!

    I am back to square one with no backup on my profile and the fix backup application that fixed my problem last time does not work this time. When i download the app it tries to install it and says install failed. Palm Europe and Palm USA cant help me.

    I have looked in every forum thread and tried everything. Also the pre backup utility in preware in the homebrew doesnt work either

    if someone has any suggestions as to how i can fix this or get a backup of nearly 300 contacts, sms messages, notes, calendar etc I would be very grateful.

    thanks in advance.
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    start by getting the patch that will export your contacts as a .csv file and email them as an attachment. Then upload them to gmail or hotmail and stop using the webos profile for calendar and contacts.

    then, look around the forums for a thread on backup of text messages. I recall seeing one that talked about how to extract them from the database, but I don't have my pc to hunt for it atm.

    then send a PM to HardbeatZ and he will guide you to where to get palm tech support to help you recover an older backup or get it to create a new one.
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    thanks for your reply, i have spoken to palm to export as a csv and this doesnt work for me the ##66632# command for celebrite doesnt work on my carrier as I am on Vodafone UK. I will look at the exporting the messages but my main concern is my contacts.
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    look in preware for a patch to export your contacts.

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