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    Howdy! I was considering franking my venerable Sprint Pre- with a Pre 2, but I was wondering if the hardware switch is absolutely necessary, seeing as how they both have CDMA antennas. I've done a bit of searching on it, but most of what I've found seems dedicated to using GSM Pre 2s.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Yes u have to switch the antenna, otherwise people would just buy an unlocked one at verizon and activate at a sprint store and it'd be much easier then the current process. sorry :/
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    actually you have to switch the coms board, which has all the identifying information to identify the phone as your original sprint phone. You really need to go to the webOS internals wiki page and read, read, read before going any further with this. I have done the swap in an original pre to a plus and while it is tricky, it is not that difficult. But you do need to read everything over a couple of times before you start or you could end up with two bricked phones.

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