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    I currently have a Pre+ on Verizon...basically because I like the free Mobile HotSpot provided on Big Red and the plus. But I'm considering replacing it with a Pre 2 before they're no longer available. Obviously the MHS isn't free on the 2 so I'd have to use Free Tether. Question is has anyone ever had any negative experiences with Verizon and FT (as in being caught!!!)?
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    Not that I know of.
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    I feel like as long as you're not overboard with the data usage they are unlikely to take notice. I've had no problems
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    Now I don't have any facts on this but I've heard that verizon is working on a way to prevent this. I'm not sure if they'll punish people they find are doing this, but a reliable source said they were. That why I'm swapping com boards on the pre2 I just bought.
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