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    Had the uberkernal installed through preware and was using Guvnah to tinker, didn't like it.

    I did not use the "remove" button from preware to remove the uberkernal instead i just Installed the recovery kernel thats listed in the preware feed. When it restarted (after installing the recovery version of the kernel) it just hung on the glowing "PALM" logo . . . has been there for an hour or so.....

    Having no luck running webosdoctor on my iMac (running Lion) for some reason it won't install correctly.

    The phone will go into usb mode with the volume up trick however, but isn't recognized by the mac.

    Gunna try to connect to gf's windows laptop later tonight, crossing fingers.

    Heh any words of wisdom?
    Insightful thoughts?
    Helpful haikus?
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    stay calm, you didn't brick it.
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    Yes, just like runtimmyc said, stay calm. It'll be just fine after a trip to the doctor.
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    the method you used should also work. Just use recovery mode and make several attempts to doctor.
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    Hey there guys, thanks for the positive vibes, we are getting somewhere and will update soon . . .
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    okey dokey, thanks to a quick read of the post "WebOS Doctor not installing on Mac OSX Lion", which incidentally seemed to be a prob. I have since gotten the iMac to recognize the phone and the "Next" button has appeared...

    this whole thing with the nova com driver is really weird.

    Typing commands and using the Terminal is fun, but ironically exactly why i went away from windows machines . . anyone else here on an apple?

    Phone is now connected
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    currently at 30% has everyone here had to do this at one point or another?
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    yep, it's how we all got here!
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    done... !

    ... i have a nifty new HP boot logo now instead of Palm?

    UGH goodbye to all my photos huh? . . . . .

    thanks guys for the help, definitely more relieved now
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    WWWHHHHAAATTT!!!!!! HOLD THE FREAKIN PHONE!!! ALL MY STUFF!!!! ITS STILL HERE!!! i didn't care about the apps or settings but i didn't lose my photos!?!?! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    Did you try a battery pull ever? Sometimes after installing/uninstalling a kernel it will hang at the static boot logo, worked for me plenty of times.

    Regarding the photos and what not, the webosdoctor doesn't touch the usb portion of the device anymore.

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