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    Hi there,

    I just would like to ask you if any of you have experienced some of these issues and how you managed to solve them... if you did.

    1: My palm Pre reboots appr. 4 times a week with out any reason as I see it.

    2: When I get a new contact I take a picture of the person - however when using the picture all I can see is ther persons nose or eye. How can I set that up so I get the full picture when the person calls?

    3: When using the keyboard often the keys stick and I get tons of a's..... or what ever key I hit.

    4: when writing text messages and they are long - sometimes I would like to go back to see what I have written before sending it. that is just not possible...

    If you know how to solve some of these please let me know. I have already returned one of my Palm Pre's for repair after only 4 months of use. This one has the same age and I believe this is a bad sign if they only last appr. 4-5 months.


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    1. Yeah, its a known issue. There isn't any single fix. Search the fourms.

    2. Never had this problem (my contacts link to their facebook profile picture)

    3. Thats just a hardware problem with your phone.

    4. Press and hold the option button (the square) and then you can use your gesture area to move around the tracker. Just go up and you can see what you said.

    Hope I helped a little
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    is it a pre2 or pre plus? And what version of webOS are you running?

    The random reboot is often the result of an improperly seated battery. Make sure it is tight.
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    I have an issue where every day at the same time my phone freezes.

    Also an issue with the messaging app where when swiping back from a conversation you get blank screen and have to close the app and re-open it.

    And another one I just remembered, when opening a link from a webpage in a new card, the original browser card becomes blurry and unresponsive unless its refreshed, anyone else with these issues?
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    Its a Pre 2 running 2.1.0

    Thanks for your answer!

    I forgot one that is a serious one... sometimes I dont get any text messages which can be for 10-12 hours. I can send but not receive. Then if I do a reboot they arrive to my phone all of a sudden.

    Is that also a known issue?


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