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    Hello, Im having pre2 for about a month now. So far it worked well but now Im at this hotel trying to use the wifi here and I hit really strange problem.
    When I connect to the hotel's Wifi Access Point phone works for several minutes and then all networking hangs.. WIFI Preferences shows empty page, cant on/off wifi, cant list networks, ifconfig hangs at ioctl SIOCGIFCONF.. and if I try to reboot the dev the usual way it wont reboot or shutdown, only pulling the battery works...
    tryed using the wifi in airplane mode, phone off mode.. same thing

    I dont know if this is somehow connected to the fact that my mobile is in roaming( vodafone GR) ...
    This only happens if Im connected to the AccessPoint and I dont have access to another wifi here to see it this will happen again on another spot.

    Any help will be appreciated, Im tired off pulling battery

    Pre2 Webos 2.1, stock kernel

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    No ideas?
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    I'd think about getting on to tech support if I were you. My initial Pre 2 experienced similar networking problems, and then the touchscreen died so it had to go back and get replaced. I'm wondering if your problems might be symptoms of a bigger hardware problem.

    Having said that, my current Pre 2 sometimes can't connect to my home wifi network but resetting the repeater seems to fix it so I'm not sure if it's a config problem on my network or with the phone. I've never seen your more extreme issues though and never had to pull the battery for those reasons. You should try with another wifi access point if you can, maybe there's a coffee shop nearby?

    Another thing you might like to try is perform a full erase, then create a new palm profile and see if the problems persist with the new profile, though that may not be something you'd want to try when you're relying on your phone while away from home.
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    Okay, I'm back home and everything works fine. The lock at SIOCGIFCONF does not suggest hardware problem but poorly designed kernel code, at least I think so..
    Vanilla linux kernels have extremely robust networking so, its most probably palms driver code's bug...

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