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    The palm support people keep insisting that it is an app that causes luna resets. I have been testing this by deleting an app for a day or two and seeing if it makes a difference then reinstalling it. I think, ironically, that the precentral app is the issue. If you are experiencing random restarts, try uninstalling that app for a few days and see if it makes a difference. I'm on day 4 of a reset-less Pre 2. Its so much nicer.
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    Have it on 3 various Pre+ and Pre2's and never caused a problem. All the "app" does is open the STOCK Palm web browser and point it to the precentral mobile URL.
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    I know that the app is very simple and doesn't really do much but my phone hasn't been resetting since I deleted it. I had it on my phone before the 2.1 update and I had issues. Then the app required 2.1 so when I doctored my phone in hope of a fix, the app wouldn't restore. I thought the doctoring process fixed it. But then when vzw released the update, I redownloaded it and the restarts came back. I don't know.... the two just seem related. If you don't have these problems on your phone, you're lucky, but i know a lot of people do experience this issue.
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    just bookmark in your browser. FOr the main page stories, I use techtray (shameless plug, but I seriously do this several times a day)
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    Strange, I've had it on phones with webOS 1.4.5 and and 2.1 and no problems... maybe for some people the installer makes setting changes that conflict with other apps or settings, or the install gets corrupted somehow?

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