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    For the frankenpre you can use either the GSM or the CDMA (Verizon). But with the Unlocked GSM you need to swap the COMM board and the whole back bezel.
    really? so you can use a world GSM Pre2 as you donor and turn it into a sprint frankenpre 2? Its seems that ebay has better deals right now on the gsm version.. thanks
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    I have a question - I have a used sprint pre coming in the mail today. Is there a way I can use it to make a frankenpre while keeping my existing sprint pre?
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    The Verizon Pre 2 has arrived! I'm now waiting for my "practice, broken mic, $25 from eBay" Pre to arrive. The local Craigslist source never responded to my email.

    I'm not going to do the conversion until the day my contract is up (Sept 29th), just in case I screw up and have to go buy an off contract phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post
    I have a question - I have a used sprint pre coming in the mail today. Is there a way I can use it to make a frankenpre while keeping my existing sprint pre?
    Yes, but you have to activate the used sprint pre first before you would do the conversion. Also, make sure the used one has webOS 1.4.x first.
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    Okay, I'm officially FrankenPre'd! I haven't received my practice Pre but got a bug to try it anyway. It was slow going mostly with the reassembly (sliding the bezel back in was difficult as was the one black wire for GPS). I tested the phone and it works. currently the apps are being restored.

    I have not yet set up my Doctor to 2.1. That might have to wait a bit unless I get another bug.

    Thank you all for your support and suggestions!
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    I am now Doctored and Done!
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    Congrats! You'll love it! I sure do!
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    after its complete you will know you made the right choice.....good luck

    sounds like you did a great job
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    This may be known already but it was new to me.

    I thought I had done a good back up of my Pre before the surgery (copied the contents to my desktop) but it turns out I didn't and some important personal stuff was missing.

    I decided to try to see if I could retrieve that information from my old Pre without re-installing the Sprint comm board. Originally, I opted not to put the comm board from the Verizon Pre 2 into my old Sprint Pre, so I just installed the battery and connected the sprint Pre with the USB cable. No go - I saw the battery symbol but it would not connect to my desktop.

    Next, I put the Verizon board in the Sprint Pre connected it to the desktop and ... success! It booted up just fine and did not ask me to sign in or register or anything. I was able to go into USB mode and move everything onto my desktop.

    I'll be using the Sprint Pre to charge the extra battery I now have, so it won't go to waste.
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