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    How do you get rid of the automatic spelling correction/word guess feature when typing emails or texts?


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    In the Text Assist app on the System page of your menus (if you haven't moved it) you can turn those features off.
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    If you're a new user, the best thing to do is leave Text Assist open in a card while you do other stuff. Then as you think of shortcuts you'd like to put in you can just switch cards and do it. Pretty soon you'll have a good list, which makes typing a lot easier.

    I also found on my TP (before I returned it . . . another's arriving soon) that the autocorrect got better and better the more I used it. I was really amazed how well it started guessing words, and the more I used it, the less I worried about getting everything right because I was pretty confident it would get it.

    You can always to a backspace (if you're quick enough) right after an autocorrect to override that instance.
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    Thank you.

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