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    So, my FrankenPre 2 was acting up, so I decided I should probably doctor it to get it to an original state to make sure it's just software problems and not actual hardware.

    That being said, I built a new frankenPre doctor with the meta-doctor scripts for the unlocked Pre 2. Built fine, started the doctor, started to work fine, got to 12% stopped for a bit, then I got the your phone can't be restarted error. Tried a few more times, different computers, etc.. same thing.

    Not too worried yet, that's happened to me before. So I used this How To Recover - WebOS Internals to help me guide my way back to my Sprint Pre 2.

    Did the part for disconnects at 8%, I've had to do that before, and got that complete. Started the doctor up again, same thing. Nothing changed. Did it a couple more times to make sure and nothing.

    Now I'm worried, what do I do? Can anyone help me? I really rely on my phone big time.


    As I'm trying it again for the 30th time, it starts to work. I'm just praying it keeps working.
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    I can't help but I do recall when I had to re-doctor my FrankenPre 2 it took ALOT of times before it worked....finally it did and I haven't looked back.

    Good luck!

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