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    Did you keep your free hotspot? Please state if you signed a new contract or bought the phone outright. I'm debating getting a pre2 on contract or buying a used out and am wondering if I'll loose my free hotspot with one or the other or both. Thanks.
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    I just got my Pre2 and knew that mobile hotspot would be lost. I did keep my unlimited data plan because I was an existing smartphone user. Now will use freetether if needed.
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    nothing to do with the contract. The MHS is NOT free on the pre2.
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    One option is to buy a Pre2 and replace the Comm Board with the one in your Pre+, its supposed to be a straight swap which retains all the MHS functionality.

    I just bought a Pre2 on Ebay and have thought about doing this with my Pre+
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    That seems like a lot of work when there is an app like Freetether that does the trick pretty darn well.
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    True, but I'm a tinkerer and I can't help myself
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    FreeTether works just fine, if not better. Hotspot was disabled and a $20/month option.

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