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    So when I woke up this morning, I immediately noticed that things were not normal with my Pre². Prior to 5:30AM this morning, it worked great - EVERYDAY for the last 4 months. As of this morning, It has locked up continuously, will not receive phone calls or notifications of any kind and doesn't see my BT headset. I also immediately noticed that my Wallpaper was gone - it was a white background and the system sound for the Reset Options had a "Low-Fi" quality to it. I also noticed that the battery has been draining extremely fast and the phone has been running much hotter than normal.

    After rebooting it the first time, I started to receive the TMC error message - something that I have never seen on either my Pre Plus or Pre² ever, at any point before this morning. I received that error message after multiple reboots. Then my phone started to emulate a brick - it has done this twice so far today. I have had to reboot it with the Power button/Ringer Switch trick twice so far since the phone does not respond to any other input.

    I have deleted the Mode Switcher App and a few applications that have recently pushed out updates in the last few days but so far it has not resolved this issue. I also deleted 4GB of music since I had only 300MB of free space. No dice.

    I have not tried to pull the battery yet but I guess that is next. Anyone else experience this today?
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    Do you have Verizon? You may be recieving the 2.1.0 update which downloads slowly over several hours in some cases. Other than that, not sure what it could be.

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    You didn't know all Palm devices contain a cyanide pill? Must've heard the news and got an instruction to suicide.
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    it certainly seems that way Toni! When this all went down this morning, I actually thought HP might have pulled the plug on the Servers for our Profiles!

    GL, I should have mentioned that my Pre² is unlocked- I purchased it direct from HP to use on AT&T's network.

    I performed a Partial Erase this morning and it has been restoring apps ever since. If I have any more issues, I will post back here. I just wanted to state my experiences for the record just in case anyone else's Pre² totally flips out like mine did.
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    The same thing happened to my Pre2 last night. It is also an unlocked/unbranded unit purchased directly from HP and using the ATT network.

    I had not seen a "too many cards" error message for weeks (not since I removed the WeatherIcon app). I had my Pre2 sitting idle with no apps running in the foreground. All of a sudden, the screen wakes up with a TMC error. That seemed odd, but I just went ahead and did a Power/Restart. The unit seemed to boot up normally. A few minutes later, I got the TMC error again (with no apps opened in the interim). Manually rebooted again, TMC, reboot, TMC, reboot, TMC........ you get the picture. I started troubleshooting by disabling apps that ran in the background. I also turned off wifi and bluetooth. Nothing stopped the TMC error until I turned off automatic backups. After that, no more TMC errors. At that point, I just left it alone until this morning. One by one, I started re-activating apps, wifi, and bluetooth. I even turned automatic backups back on. Everything seems fine again. Weird.
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    Do a full erase, worked for me, but then I messed up my patches and stuff, so I redoctored. Been working fine since.
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    yep, I did a partial erase which fixed my problems as well. It was just bizarre that it happened in the first place.
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    I did not have to erase or doctor anything. I just disabled a few background apps, let it sit, and then re-enabled the apps. No problems since yesterday.
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    Can you list the background apps that you deleted or reinstalled that solved your issues?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Husser View Post
    Can you list the background apps that you deleted or reinstalled that solved your issues?
    I can't remember the exact order, but these are the apps that I disabled:

    1. Wi-Fi (turned off)
    2. Bluetooth (turned off)
    3. Exhibition (turned off all but Time)
    4. Pack 'n' Track (in Preferences, selected Manual Updates Interval)
    5. Top Stocks (in Preferences, selected Manual Updates Interval)
    6. Weather Dashboard (turned off Run in background and Wake Device)
    7. Flight Predictor (in Preferences, selected Manual Interval)
    8. Backup (turned off) [NOTE: This was the last thing I did before I finally stopped getting the Too Many Cards error. This leads me to suspect that the Backup app may have been the culprit.]

    I also checked Software Manager, App Catalog, Preware, and System Updates to see if there were any new updates pending that I was not aware of. None were found.

    Once I stopped getting the TMC error, I just let the Pre2 sit untouched overnight and then re-enabled everything (waiting a few minutes between each action) in the morning. I've had no problems since then.

    Hope this helps.

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