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    Quote Originally Posted by pantiko View Post
    If you donīt miss apps, get a Pre2, you wonīt regret it, awesome device, webOS 2.1 and its hardware makes up for anything else IMHO
    I appreciate that. Think I'll be looking in to it 'in the coming weeks.' I'm not an app guy, and I keep phones for a long time. So long as I have Foursquare by zheephree and Carbon, I think I'll be in great shape
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    Quote Originally Posted by pantiko View Post
    Which brings me to the question: where should I move on to? I donīt like iOS nor I like Android. I donīt know anything about Windows phones. Iīm too used to physical keyboards, so I guess that leaves me with Blackberry.

    Yep, I guess Blackberry will be my choice in the near future after I hear what you have to say HP. At least with their crapy Playbook I will get some resemblance of what webOS used to be.

    I was so happy with my new phone. Way to go HP.
    I personally like Blackberries, however its another dying platform with no apps. The Torch is very Pre like though.
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    I think I’m keeping my Pre2... My first thoughts after hearing about HP plans were to just forget about webOS once and for all and go somewhere else, but I found no where else to go... The Pre2 is one hell of a phone, it will serve me just fine for at least a year
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    Amazed at folks just abandoning ship so quickly. Nothing really changes. Its not like the App store was going to mushroom in size over the next year anyway. We were in a cul-de-sac and always were going to be.

    Apps are not such a biggie. As a recent study showed most of the activity on Android is dealt with by around just 10 apps. The rest are just duplicates or trash anyway.

    The WebOS covers the major ones. Would be nice to get the Skype app out to all though.

    Quit sulking, its only a phone and enjoy it. You would have gotten rid of it within a year anyway most probably.

    For the record I tend to keep my phones for 3 years+.
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    I usually keep my phones for 2 years (thatīs what my pre- lasted, and still alive and in pretty good shape, except that I canīt get more than 3 hours of battery out of it)

    I also donīt care much for apps, but since I work as a long range pilot, I really would like to have skype to stay in touch with my family when Iīm away... Hopefully weīll get that with webOS 2.2 if HP keeps the promise of continue developing webOS (which Iīll believe when I see it)... Although I read somewhere that 2.2 could not work in a Pre2 because of its processor.

    The other app I was hoping (not anymore) we would be getting in the near future is whatsapp... I need that app because all my friends and family use it to send messages with their iphones, and they keep bugging me with the fact that how come I still donīt have it yet... I tell them to get Meebo or something of the likes to communicate with me, but these IM apps tend to disconnect after a short period of time without use, so every time I try to reach somebody is usually offline

    I will enjoy my Pre2 as long as HP keeps the app catalog and my profile available... When they definitely close down, if they do, I might go somewhere else

    Iīm actually considering buying a TP
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    I was an early Palm Pre adoptee. What a cute little phone it was... it was going to change everything I dreamed. I was screaming mad when the old weird Palm Pre commercial launched which pretty much killed it at birth and my hardware was more oreo than phone but I loved the software more than that of the Android phones and I didn't want to be a 'me-too' and join the iPhone brigade.

    My first Palm Pre(s) died (several times) and the Palm Pre Plus arrived thanks to many complaints and an understanding service provider. Then I uderkernalled it and happy days, it was fast, slick, worked better and faster but the battery life sucked. No worries, I had battery chargers literally everywhere

    I ordered a Pre 2 because the wait for the Pre 3 seemed like an eternity... I loved it. Looked even sexier, Just Type was awesome... hell, apart from the fact that webOS 2.0 was as buggy as a bee hive in mating season and the whole world seemed to have more and better apps I was convinced I'd never ever want a phone by anyone else.

    Daily I checked when the Pre 3 would finally go on sale. Would it have a decent battery, could I use the business tools the way my mates could on their phones, would more apps be available.

    Then a friend showed me Sky Sports live coverage running in HD through 3G on his iPhone 4 app... to say I was amazed is an understatement. I could live without my bank account app etc but sports... wow!

    Then two days ago the dreaded news came. Great... might as well just bin it now. Just got off the phone with my service provider and in light of the news I'm allowed to update nearly 8 months early, my white 16GB iPhone 4 is on route. It was a fun journey and although we all as a community just preserved and stayed patient, sometimes the best things don't come to those who wait

    xx Me-Too

    ps. At least daily multiple charging will be a thing of the past again.
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    I would keep your Pre2. RIM never gave me software updates, nor apps, for my Curve.
    If i had the chance I would buy a Pre2 or a Veer, the actual capabilities are enough for me!
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    Was waiting for a Verizon Pre 3, which may now never exist. Despite HP's dropping of hardware, I do not want iOS, RIM, or really even Android at this point.

    With my Pre Plus having wear issues, I just ordered a cheap Pre 2. I will not be getting the bigger keyboard & screen, or front-facing camera of the Pre 3, but I will be getting the better (than Pre+) build quality, Gorilla Glass, Flash, and a chance to have WebOS a while longer until someone else (Sammy or HTC? PLEASE!) builds a WebOS device.

    As ticked as I am at HP right now, glad it will still say PALM on it!
    "Everybody Palm!"

    Palm III/IIIC, Palm Vx, Verizon: Treo 650, Centro, Pre+.
    Leo killed my future Pre 3 & Opal, dagnabitt!
    Should I buy a Handspring Visor instead?
    Got a Pre2! "It eats iPhones for Breakfast"!
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