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    Ok so before I added any pre ware I could swipe the notifications away on the lockscreen. Since installing the 3g toggle, gps toggle, battery as % & the message text as 15pt the notifications have been sitting above the unlock slider and are no longer swipeable.

    Anyone encountered this before I do a doctor back to true factory settings?
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    I don't recall the notifications ever being swipe able from the lock screen. That's why it is a lock screen.

    My phone has the notifications stacked above the slider as well.
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    Well i cant get it to replicate what happened out the box when i got it, the swipe away notifications were working on the lock screen as they do when the phones unlocked, ie, tap to expand at the bottom and either swipe away or tap to enter notification (couldn't tap to enter on the lock screen just swipe away).

    Must of been a bug initially and now its working as it should, very strange.

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