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    Hello people. This is my first post but have been a loyal pre user from the very 1st to a pre+ now to a pre 2.

    The problem is i've recently bought a nearly new unlocked pre 2 off ebay and it will not find a 3G signal at all, all i get is a G and my partner who is sat beside me on the same network has a nearly full 3G signal. Also it will not allow me to retrieve any of my other palm profiles (which i put down to not having 3g).

    I'm in the Uk with o2 as my service provider.

    So has anybody any ideas? Things i've tried;

    • 1.Doctored twice with both webos 2.01 and 2.10,
    • 2.checked apn settings in the phone preferences and all is well,
    • 3.Switched sim card with another well known service provider, then all i could muster was a E (which i'm asuming is Edge)
    • 4.Does any body think it could be to do with a faulty com board because i have a spare in my pre plus?
    • 5.I've also used the serial checker on the palm site and it says it is a north american model. Would this affect it being able to be used over here in any way?

    This has been making me tear whats left of my hair out for nealy two days now, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    just realised that the app catalog doesn't work either
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    There are 2 variety of Pre 2 once works with 3G at US (North America - 1700 mhz) and other with UK + other countries (2100 mhz) ... I dunno which country you are in and i am sure the Pre 2 you bought is not compatible with the 3G frequency at your country..
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    so is there anything I can do to check? And can I just change the comm board over with the one from my pre+
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    No idea about changing the common board and all. Just wait for someone else opinion..

    I sourced one from UK bcz it works with 2100mhz which is same as in my country.. Tested and working well... I thought of sourcing one from US and heard that it 's not compatible with the 3G frequency in India..

    till then enjoy with EDGE, i guess it should be working fine...
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    Swapped over comm boards an everyting now works as it should

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