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    Well, my Pre Plus got too annoying to use with the phone app constantly hanging so I took the plunge and got a Pre 2, although seems if I'd waited just a few days longer I could have ordered the Pre 3 as I'm in the UK, but I did get an excellent deal.

    Anyway, I'm still in the process of letting the battery settle down by going through some cycles. I downloaded Govnah so I could see the famed native scaling and sure enough it was switching between 1Ghz and 300Mhz.

    However on poking around with Govnah I discovered that I'm able to change the processor speed between 1GHz, 800Mhz, 600Mhz, 300Mhz and 150Mhz. I'm sure the 150Mhz is too slow to be of any use, but the 800 and 600 interest me. On my pre plus I had modeswitcher changing Govnah profiles so when it got low on juice, 30%, it switched down to 600Mhz then 500Mhz at 20% (always 250Mhz when the screen was off) which seemed to squeeze a bit more out of it, though of course it could just be an illusion.

    And so to my question to people who know more about these things than me. I'm aware of the "race to idle", but would I see any battery life improvements by setting the max down to 800Mhz or 600Mhz, as those are both still faster than the original Pre. If no one has any answers then can anyone tell me the best way to measure the differences? I'm always up for squeezing the most out of my devices and would be happy to share my results if I can.
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    The Pre2 automatically scales the CPU down to the lowest CPU speed when it's idle, so underclocking would just limit it's *top* speed and make it slower when you're using it but not necessarily save you any battery.
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    I found that the F104 kernel does good things for my battery life. Apparently most of its features are in the Pre 2 uberkernel, so I figure that might be worth taking a look at.
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    Thanks for the tip on the kernel, I may try that later but I want to see what I can do with it as-is.

    I realise that it scales automatically, but I've noticed from the Govnah graphs that sometimes it can stay ay 1GHz for an awfully long time. Yesterday it lost about 80% power in just three hours and it was barely scaling at all. If it's likely to keep doing that I want it to have a lower maximum. 800Mhz is still plenty fast. It'd be even better if it would average 800Mhz at then bump up to 1Gz as necessary, but I guess that's what the custom kernel does.

    Again, it may be illusion, but I have noticed that when I'm at 600mhz top speed on my final 20% of bettery it does seem to last longer and see me home, although obviously not nearly as nippy.
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    +1 for the "processor stuck @1GHz for an awfully long time". Luna restart/Device reboot rarely helps if at all. Best scenario if it jumps between 1GHz/300MHz. Then the battery is overheating to irrealisticly high temp (even 47C) as well....So was diving into this a bit and what I found is that when I switch off the phone data traffic then it's immediately falling down to (in my case Palm Default kernel's) 300MHz. Maybe an app (bug) that tries communicating with some server...?? Strange behavior. Anybody else experiencing this? (unlocked EU Pre2)

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