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    Now that the update to VZW Pre 2 v2.1.0 is official and past for some of us, I would like to install some of the patches from Preware that I removed before I did the update install. Any one know where to find instructions on this new procedure to install Preware now that VZW has given us the new update. All the instructions I find are with people installing Preware on v2.1.0 from phones that were Pre Plus or earlier with updates from webos internals and not from Palm/HP official updates.
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    Installing preware should be the same as before (selecting and installing via WOQI), at least it was with my experience with my unlocked pre2 with 2.1
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    Get the file here:

    Put your phone in developer mode (as explained in the above link)

    Connect to computer and select "Just charge"

    Double-click on wosqui and it should load

    Click the Globe thingy to bring up all the applications, patches etc.

    Preware will be in the applications list. I load all my patches through Preware on my phone, but I'm sure it's faster to use wosqui.
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    Worked....very nice! Thank you.
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    I didn't need to reinstall... everything - including my preware installed apps & most patches - survived.

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