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    Now that the Pre 3 has been released can we expect to see a webOS 2.2 update made available for the Pre 2? I have a unlocked EU model and hope we do.
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    Of course, in the coming months...
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    The Pre 2 will still be supported with updates. When it is available, you will get it.
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    Noooooo! Let us enjoy the 2.1 update for at least a day. With a December upgrade for me, I'm assuming I'll have moved onto my next device looooooooooooooooooooooooong before 2.2 is even close to being made available for the pre 2.
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    is the fate of all Pre-qwners. We waited for the pre 2, for 2.1, for the Pre 3...

    Patience is a virtue !

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