I am a current Palm Pixi plus user. I am thinking about getting the HP Pre 2 on Ebay in a few weeks. I know itís running WebOS 2.0+.
How is the App catalog on Pre2 compared to the Palm Pixi or is it the same. I believe now there is a new HP WebOS catalog on the Veer
Is the same on Pre2? I know the Palm Pixi still on Palm WebOS app store. Also are the same apps listed or is then more or less. I donít care
Much about apps but it would be nice to have some pretty good apps. Overall all I am happy with my Pixi just sluggish at times that is why I
Want the Pre2 running 1gb processor I heard it blazing fast and would like to have one plus it running abode flash.
Also does the Pre2 sync in any way with HP touchpad?