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    This hopefully will break up the "where is verizon 2.1?" and "can I has mobile hotspot?" threads, and hopefully I'm not posting something that's already been done in this board. Just a fun little thread to see what people have done to their phones to make them work better

    I found a few nice posts on the pre plus board that people used to show off their configs, and what patches/kernels they used on their phones to get the best bang for the buck. I'm proposing a similar thread for the Pre2 forum.

    Something following the format of...

    WebOS Version:
    Kernel/Govnah settings:
    Apps(Mode Switcher, etc..):

    Screenshots are nice... if you want to show off, go for it. I know as I'm getting used to my Pre2 I've been trying different combinations to get the best experience out of my phone and have always wondered what other users are running. I know most of you have modified your phones, it's time to show them off!
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    I finally gave up waiting for the Pre3 for the time being and ordered mine through Verizon online for $4.99. Added a touchstone for $3.75. I look forward to setting it up when it comes in a few days. I hope I can get my Classic ipk I made months ago to work on it, or it might be back to the Pre+.
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    This isn't quite as interesting as I thought it was at first, but since there is a lot of piecing together involved in customizing WebOS, here's what my device is running. If anything, this is my optimal config and if I ever have to rebuild my phone (like yesterday) this is the first thing I do to get my setup back.

    Carrier: Verizon

    WebOS Version: 2.1.0 (Verizon release)

    Kernel/Govnah settings: UberKernel 2.1.0-76 / Screenstate3 150/1100 customized to max out at 1GHz

    AM-PM Indicator in Top Bar
    Date as Carrier String no Year
    Behavior and Options Tweaks - Nice browser patch to allow fullscreen mode, private browsing, and some other functionality.
    Hold Tap Context Menu - Awesome browser patch that allows you to tap and hold items to get a context menu. Useful if you want to open links in a new card without sliding out the keyboard. Another function that should have been in by default.
    Multi Mod - Lets you choose to stream or download streamable files in browser.
    Advanced System Menus - Framework (VZW)
    Advanced System Behavior
    Advanced System Menus - Device Menu (VZW)
    Advanced System Menus - Power Menu (VZW)
    Advanced System Menus - App Menu (VZW)
    Advanced Camera Configuration
    Show Agenda from Exhibition
    Really Silent Ringer Switch Mute
    Disable Lightbar

    Apps(Mode Switcher, etc..):
    Tweaks - Top bar battery icon percentage only / Browser enable fullscreen, hide icons after load
    Mode Switcher - To set default mode Govnah settings to set custom settings profile. Modifier mode to launch Agenda view at 7AM on weekdays
    Plus more standard stuff like Pandora, etc..

    Luna restart: 44s
    Device restart: 1m34s
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    White Z10, Touchpad 16GB [Retired: Pre 3, Pre 2, Pixi Plus, Pre Plus]
    Back on a BlackBerry after 2 1/2 years with WebOS.

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