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    Yesterday, the unthinkable happened while I was at work driving a forklift. My Sprint Franken Pre 2 flew out of my hand and I ran it over. It was one of the worst feelings I have had regarding a phone. I'm usually always cautious and its never fell out of my hands no matter what. I think its all the hard work I put into it and the platform since August of 2009 and the issues of Sprint not giving us an upgrade to the Original Pre.

    For me, the Sprint Franken Pre2 meant a lot in how far someone would go to make a phone available on their network of choice here in the USA. I've spent countless hours on downloading, purchasing and homebrewing on webOS. Some part of me died yesterday and it wasn't a good feeling. I had everything on there from seven launcher pages full of applications, Preware and everything else that this site has been talking about.

    Well, I went to the Sprint store yesterday and was given an option to pay $150 for a refurbished Pre-, but there was no way I could go back to the original Pre after what I have done to the Franken Pre 2 with webOS 2.1. It would be worse as I would lose almost everything. So, I decided to get the Motorola Photon 4G since my sister has an upgrade next month and she likes it. I will pass it on to her once I figure out what I am going to do with this webOS phone situation.

    Let me tell you this, the Photon 4G has one of the most beautiful hardware I have ever seen. It feels very good in the hand and the screen is amazing. Everything was running well, but I had one major problem with it. That problem was that it was not running webOS. To me, Android is not what I am looking for in an OS. It just was not the fit for my needs. I usually have these cards open in webOS all day long: E-Mail App, Calendar, Messaging, Phone, Tasks, Memos and Browser. Entertainment applications do not play an important role at work since I do not use them there. I love being able to switch between apps and creating content on the fly. Typing on the Photon4G was good, but for me I usually do a lot of typing and a physical keyboard is a must.

    I have gotten used to the Franken Pre2 for all of my needs. After work, I usually go to the gym and use the Music Player Remix app with the Motorola HD Bluetooth Headphones. WebOS works for me and I do not want to move on to another platform. I have five lines with Sprint and I'm the only family member that uses webOS. We have a BB Style, Evo 4G, Evo3D, BB Tour and now the Photon 4G. They are all waiting on the iPhone to come to Sprint and they always tell me why am I so tied to webOS. Its just something that most people will not understand. WebOS is not for everyone and will never be, but for those of us who stuck with it since launch have grown on to it.

    I also got the HP Touchpad on launch day and have pretty much been to work on it with Preware and the experimental overclocking. haha I look forward to the HP Pre 3 and from what we are seeing Sprint is not getting it soon. Although, I have to make a tough decision and probably made up my mind to stick with webOS the day I did the Franken Pre2. I am willing to pay for my Sprint contract and another contract from a carrier that carries the HP Pre 3.

    Today, I will mostly likely get the Veer for temporary use at work or find a used unlocked Pre2. I just have one last thing to say about this whole webOS carrier issue. WebOS needs to be on every single carrier in the world and not just GSM since AT&T is looking to monopolize that area in the US.
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    Thank you for sharing your experience with webOS and I am very sorry for your loss.
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    Ouch. Sorry to hear that. I've heard phones survive being rolled over by a car with *air* filled rubber tires, but with those hard solid rubber ones, there was little chance I guess.

    Hope something works out for you.
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    pics or it didn't happen
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    pics or it didn't happen
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    Sorry for your loss

    I too drive a forklift and carry my frankinpre2 in my hand or in my shirt pocket using my pre- OEM case....this hits to close to home...I feel for you...your taking it well...I would have jumped into the compactor or something extreme like that

    Good luck with your future phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    pics or it didn't happen
    Ah his camera didn't survive the rollover did it?

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    Having a franken pre2 is a unique experience. A pre2 is rare, a pre2 running on sprint is the rarest of the rare. I wonder how many there are out there.

    I treat mine like its an egg. In the car its always on the touchstone and not in my lap where phones tend to go flying on getting out, and even so I never get out of the car without pre2 being accounted for. Any other phone I would have dropped it may times by now and I haven't dropped once so far.
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    R.I.P frankenpre2. Your owner will not miss you as he will buy another pre- and another Pre2 to create frankenpre the 2Nd. And also AMEN to your wallet :O
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    I fell sorry for you. It was such an expensive investment, but if that happened to me I would close my eyes and do it again.
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    I appreciate all of the sincere comments from everyone. I do have some good news as far as me getting another Pre2. My boss which is owner of the company knows that I do a lot of work on the Pre2. He said he will get me a new one for AT&T and also pay half of my bill every month.

    He used to have Palm Treo until he got the Blackberry Bold.
    The problem he had with the Pre2 was the small keyboard. I then showed him the Pre3 and he got interested in it.

    When the Pre 3 comes out he will purchase it for me and probably get one for himself if it is well constructed. His main applications are e-mail and phone calls. The Pre3 would be perfect.

    All in all, i'll never forget my Sprint Pre2 and sorry no pics because it was a closed casket funeral. I'm just glad to be getting another Pre2 and a Pre3 when it comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markm2179 View Post
    WebOS needs to be on every single carrier in the world and not just GSM since AT&T is looking to monopolize that area in the US.
    It's not like there is a meeting that happens when a product is getting ready to launch and it's discussed specific carriers we refuse to launch on. As a manufacturer you want your device on every single major carrier available, there is no reason not to be on them (Ideally). Logistically and economically, however it doesn't happen, whether in the end its the carriers choice, the manufacturers, or a "mutual agreement."
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