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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    google maps keeps telling me I'm not connected to the internet. Anyone else seeing that?
    Mine can't get a location, but I haven't gotten that message. Just using 3g.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tigrao View Post still shows 2.0.1 as well.
    We understand you want the new software! I assure you that it is coming soon. Check out this link for when it does become available. I assure you that we will let it be known when it is.

    Thank you!

    Christina B
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    I got my Verizon Pre2 yesterday and am activating it now and switching from my Verizon Pre+. The update manager shows that HP WebOS 2.1.0 is available. So I am downloading it now and will install it after my phone finishes uploading my programs and synchs. So it looks like it is here, at least for me.
    Tim Boche

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    From what Wendy told me I took it as everyone will have the update by Friday. She said a week but I took it as a week from today, not a week from when the push went out which was the 9th.
    Great News! The update for the Palm Pre2 is available as of 8/16/11

    Software Update: Palm® Pre™ 2 - COMING SOON!

    Click on the above link to view the benefits of the update as well as how to install the update.

    Tamara H.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenoc View Post
    I've had a relatively similar experience... It wasn't *great* to begin with, but it did work-- it's gotten much worse over the time I've had my Pre 2. Total crapshoot as to whether Maps will work or not when I open it at this point, no clear rhyme + reason as to why. Original Pre- was far better in this regard. Oh well.

    I assure you that the update is coming soon to your device. Please view the following link that shows the benefits, as well as the steps, for this update.

    Software Update: Palm® Pre™ 2 - COMING SOON!

    I hope this information is helpful. Have a good day!

    VZW Support
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    cool, can you also tell us when to expect an update to 2.2?
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