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    Just been using a friends pre 2 having sold my worn out pre- for a nexus while I wait for the pre 3.

    It just seems to be the perfect phone. Hardware quality is far better than the nexus s. Form factor is fantastic, keyboard is awesome but what really amazes me is the performance of webos. It just never seems to slow down on the pre to. Way more responsive than the nexus. I would say its now up there with windows 7.

    If I didnt think the extra resolution was worth it for the pre 3 I would buy the pre 2 immediately and I doubt I would wish for a new phone for at least 2 years. Everything I ever complained about from the pre- has been fixed by palm which is certainly something that ant be said for any other phone company and I've owned 3 androids, an omnia 7 and an ipad.

    this is the UK GSM version on O2 by the way
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    I have a pre2 on sprint and really don't care if pre3 gets released or not. But I want it released for those who want a bigger screen.

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