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    Hi everyone,
    Woke up today and my Frankenpre is telling me there is an autoupdate to webos 2.1.0 that it wants to install.
    Weird, as my phone is already with that version.

    How do I prevent it from updating (don't want it to overwrite the comes stuff etc from the metadoctor)?

    Also, anyone else experience this?


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    Baldric -- I can't say 100% that this will help you (I'm still a 1.4.5 Pre+ user), but, a thread suggestion that might get you started:

    My thoughts:
    -The thread noted above was written for WebOS 1.4.5. I'm not sure if things changed with WebOS 2.x
    -In your situation, I'm assuming that WebOS has already downloaded the patch and it will upgrade on next reboot. I don't know if stopping the system upgrade service will do the trick since it's already 'mid-flight'

    Good luck / hope this helps somewhat.
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    I can't remember which post it was but a lot of people just updated the phone and it didn't cause any problems. I updated my frankenpre and everything still worked the same.
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    for a frankenpre2 it is perfectly normal for OTA to 2.1.0 to 2.1.0 metadoctored version. It won't overwrite your install, just fix a few missing files and stabilize sound issues.
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    Let it run it...doesn't break a thing for once

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    Took everyone's advice and risked it. All seems to be working fine. Profile backed up fine and calls can be made.

    Thanks all.

    Quote Originally Posted by SKYLARKBOY86 View Post
    Let it run it...doesn't break a thing for once

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