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    I googled around looking for anyone else who's reported this and couldn't find anything. Just about an hour ago, my Pre2's 3G connection went on and stayed on solid, the phone got super sluggish so I figured I'd restart it. Soon as it was finished rebooting, same thing.. 3G solid, sluggish. No apps were running at all. Figured I'd power down completely, leave it off and then boot back up.. same thing.

    Launched my normal apps anyway, thought maybe it'd run it's course. Doesn't seem to be abating at all and then I noticed this extreme bizarreness .. my email app when on the initial accounts/favorites view is constantly refreshing itself. I've had webOS since Pre- launch and never seen anything like this.. check out the video :

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?

    EDIT : If I turn off the data connection, the email app stops freaking out and returns to normal. This seems to survive any and all reboots/full restarts. I have three IMAP accounts set up (gmail,, yahoo) all are able to send/receive emails so it's not an authentication issue as far as I can tell.
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    Interesting. Not sure what it could be though.
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    Same thing happened to mine Wed morning (VZW, Pre 2, 2.0.1). My Favorites list would constantly contract, then expand, contract, expand, over and over again (my accounts are MS Exchange, comcast, yahoo). Closing the email app didn't solve the issue. Rebooting the phone didn't help either.

    One of two things took care of it finally. I noticed that somehow one of the Outboxes was now listed under Favorites. I removed that. I usually have the three Inboxes listed. And my yahoo account wouldn't complete a refresh of new messages, so I removed and re-added the account. After doing one or both of these the email app was back to normal. I've had to on occasion remove and re-add the yahoo and/or comcast account to resync the account with the phone in the 5 or 6 weeks since I've had it.

    Very weird. And the constant expanding and contracting made it impossible to select a folder. And as you found, other apps were acting strangely as well in that they were quite sluggish. And the behavior was beating the heck outta my battery.

    You are not alone. :-)


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