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    Wish VZW would go ahead and at least push 2.2...I want to get SMS from my new Touchpad through the phone! Evidently need 2.2 to do that
    HP hasn't released a 2.2 update for the Veer or the Pre2 yet so VZW wouldn't be able to supply the update to us. According to what I've read, those updates won't be available from HP until sometime after the Pre3 has been launched here in the US. And at the rate we're going, I imagine that the Veer and the unlocked Pre2 will get the update long before the VZ Pre2 will
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    VZW 2.1.0 runs much smoother than VZW 2.0.1, at least so far. I used to have frequent app lock-ups that required closing and restarting the app and sometimes even restarting the phone. I often had a hard time getting the screen unlock button to respond. My phone dialer buttons often did not respond to dialing shortcuts and required numerous attempts. All of those problems and more are gone.

    The only issue I have had with 2.1.0 is that one of my patches caused phone dialing problems, now resolved.

    Like it so far.
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