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    Alright, so basically, it all of a sudden can't update the feeds.

    Also, i can't seem to download any patches.

    The patches problem has been going on for a while now. The inability to update the feeds was after i updated preware to the newest version.

    Any help??
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    I think the feeds are just down, cause I've bee experiencing the same problem.
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    same thing here.
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    The feeds seem to be back up, but now when I launch preware, the "Installed Packages" do not show up.

    Does anybody know why this is?
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    i have the same problem here, no way to change the theme or to recover the patches i ve just install. :'(

    It is very iunstable since the last update... and by the way, Happy Birthday mister Preware :P
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    same, will a doctor and reinstall of prepare help?

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