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    Quote Originally Posted by szavala View Post
    I have a test Sprint Palm Pre that I had running a meta-doctor 2.1.

    I reflashed it with the same meta-doctor and I was able to log into my palm profile fine. On manage my device I show:

    Pre (SPRINT) 2.1.0

    I can try to test again tomorrow on a Verizon Pixi Plus. Maybe later tonight if I have time.
    I have a real Sprint Palm Pre Plus running meta-doctored 2.1. I just reflashed it, backed up contacts etc were restored, apps restoring now, palm profile read 2.1.

    Ran the meta doctor as a last resort as the PrePlus was giving me critical memory error with no cards open and ringer and power switch no longer work. If this doesn't work, may create a Sprint Pre2 assuming we can still do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hendikins View Post
    Have poked around at my ATT Pre+ for a few hours. The TL;DR version:
    * Used current meta-doctor scripts.
    * Created profiles with and without backup enabled using WebOS 1.4.5. Could not sign in to profiles using meta-doctored 2.1.0 ("Data not restored").
    * Created profiles with meta-doctored 2.1.0 default and masquerading as 1.4.5. Profiles had version string of 1.40.50.
    * Wiping device and attempting to sign in to profiles created using meta-doctored 2.1.0 failed ("Data not restored").
    * Wiping device and attempting to sign in to a profile created on a Veer (version 2.1.2) failed ("Data not restored").
    * Doctored back to 1.4.5. Could sign in to all profiles with 1.40.50 version string, whether created by 1.4.5 or meta-doctored 2.1.0.

    In short: You can create profiles on an ATT Pre+ running 2.1.0, but you can't sign in to them again if you doctor or erase your phone.
    So you're screwed if you've bought apps

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    Thanks webOS Internals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by schlk21 View Post
    So you're screwed if you've bought apps
    You can use them on 1.4.5 if they are compatible.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    So that's a P100UEU, ROW device?

    -- Rod
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    I was using an AT&T Pre+ with 1.4.5 and was very satisified with it, specially with the 'over clocking' and other homebrew goodies. Then, I bought an unlocked Pre 2 and therefore had to move on to 2.1.0. Then the screen of the Pre 2 got smashed. Yes, the so called Gorilla glass screen. Thus, I was forced to go back to using the AT&T Pre+, for I did not see any point in getting another Pre 2 with the Pre 3 just around the corner. Didn't Leo Apotheker say something about "release within weeks of announcement"? Anyhow, so back to the Pre + it was for me. But then, as alaways HP could not let anything be simple or logical and thus it would not allow me go back to the AT&T 1.4.5 and sign in with my 2.1.0 profile. Therefore, I had no choice but to meta doctor the AT&T Pre + to 2.1.0. Do keep in mind, personally I preferred 1.4.5 to 2.1.0 and was not really thrilled to be forced into using 2.1.0. But then, this was only makeshift until I got the Pre 3 and atleast this way my profile was still safely being backed up and would be ready for the Pre 3, ie. whenever it is that HP finally deems it fit to allow us the privilege to buy the Pre 3. Except, now HP decides to gyp us once again. I just checked and my phone has not backed up since July 12th and even running a manual backup only results in a "Backup failed" message.

    I suppose, if and whenever I doctor, or move to another phone (Pre 3, if and when it finally is released), I shall no longer be able to use my current profile on it. Right? By the way I am currently also using this profile with my TouchPad. In any case, since my phone no longer backs up my profile, I shall obviously be losing my call logs and text messages and also all the apps that I have purchased since the last backup on July 12th.

    Time and time again, it seems that HP finds ways to stab their most loyal customers. Even if HP had to do this, couldn't they have waited until the Pre 3 was released and one had the option to move their profile onto it. At the very least, should they not have atleast given advance notice before making these changes. As of now, I feel like an as* for having stayed loyal to Palm/webOS/HP and now for the first time regret having bought the Touchpad, which makes it more difficult to dump webOS and move on as the rest of the world has.

    PS: My Palm profile lists the following:
    Device Model: Palm Pre + UMTS North America (ATT)
    OS version: 1.40.50
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    We may have a way to help your case using Imposter.

    -- Rod
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    I'm waiting for the Pre3 to release, and hoping against all odds that it comes to Sprint. However, if it doesn't, my plan is to get a Verizon Palm Pre 2, and change out the comm board with the original Palm Pre -. But now with this change, I am not even sure if this will work.

    Can someone verify that this will indeed work if I do it? Thanks
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    My P100UEU, MetaDoctored to 2.1.0, was auto backed up 12 hours ago. All normal here.
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    FYI: Pre2 running 2.1.0 on Sprint - Backup up 8/11/11 @ 8am - All normal here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We may have a way to help your case using Imposter.

    -- Rod
    Could you please elaborate on that a bit.
    Pre3 (AT&T meta-doctored to ROW) webOS 2.2.4 build 3175
    TouchPad WiFi (32GB) - webOS 3.0.5 build 86
    App Catalog (US) - Vodafone (India)

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    VZW Pre+ MD to 2.1.0 with Flash and Classic. Backed up at 12:22AM on 8/12/11. Profile has shown 2.1.0 since I metadoctored it.

    Looks like it only affects phones that run one version of the OS but had a different one in the profile.
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    Looking at franken preing do i do it and make the investment???
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    Quote Originally Posted by pchrist View Post
    Looking at franken preing do i do it and make the investment???
    Given the experiences related here, I'd say that if it (the franken-pre/meta-doctor combo) allows for the profile to show the actual version of webOS on your phone, you're good.
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    frankinPre2 running 2.0.1 backup good 8-12-2011 5:14AM
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