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    I just converted my OG Sprint Pre to a Franken Pre 2 (using an unlocked phone that I got from Palm) and everything appears to be working great, accept I can't make a phone call with it. When attempting to make or receive a call, all I get is static in the ear piece, and the microphone isn't working (caller can't hear me on the other end). I ran through the audio interactive tests, and all of them work. I double checked to make sure that the modem cables got plugged in properly, and they appear correct. 3g data works there anything else that I can try?!?!?
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    Ok...rebooted the phone, and now the wifi won't turn on my comm board bad?
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    been having this problem with my Rogers Pre 2 and it's driving me crazy that I might actually have to leave webos for a new phone. I have to borrow my gf's iphone to make calls to anyone important

    I need a fix for this asap. i am thinking about taking it apart and switching a few parts with my broken Pre.

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