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    I have an unlocked HP Palm Pre 2. I signed on/activated the phone using a prepaid SIM card. Everything works fine including messaging, calls, wifi, data, etc.

    However, after putting in a postpaid SIM card (same carrier as prepaid), outgoing calls keep getting dropped after attempting to dial. As far as I know the outgoing call doesn't even make it to the ringing part. The only message is that the outgoing call is dropped.

    I've tried a different postpaid sim and get the same problem. Everything else works fine including incoming calls, messaging, browsing, data, etc.

    The carrier tried to fix it but got nowhere. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    I got the similar symptom of dropping outgoing calls. No matter 2G or 3G network, restart did not help. I could receive calls and send text messages. My parties (those who I tried to call) did not notice any attempt of call.
    System erase helped.

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