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    I have searched but found no posts/threads that fully cover my problem. I bought an unlocked GSM Pre2 off of eBay about a month ago, installed my original Sprint Pre comm board/bezel w/ antenna, and ran the appropriate meta-doctor version that was current around the beginning of July.

    Since then, just about everything has worked beautifully, but I keep having problems with my Google accounts:

    1) At times, I will be logged in and out of Gtalk very frequently, which also seems to drain my battery. Searching the forums told me that I can resolve this by removing that account, rebooting, and logging back into my Gtalk account. This seems to work for a while, but has the extremely annoying side effect of rendering all of my existing Gtalk *AND* SMS histories unusable. When I open any of my logs I get this notice: "Messages can no longer be sent or received in this conversation." New messages from the same contact then go into a new log which I *am* able to respond to. I also noticed that when I open my Contacts app and click on "Palm Profile," it says I have 0 contacts in that account... Could this be a Synergy problem?

    2) I am not sure if this happens in conjunction with the Gtalk/SMS problem, but I also find that I frequently cease to receive new email notifications. When I notice that I haven't received any for a while, I open my Email app, and it usually downloads several emails that somehow never made it to my phone, which is set to receive emails "as items arrive"... The only email account I have ever configured on this or my original Pre is my Gmail account.

    So assuming that these two problems could be linked, I have removed my entire Google account from the Accounts app in WebOS 2.1, rebooted, and then added the account back. I have done this several times now in the past few weeks. This also results in the same problem I described above where my SMS/chat history becomes unusable with the same notice that messages can no longer be sent or received in any conversation.

    Since I have already lost my SMS/chat history numerous times, I am willing to meta-doctor again if that will resolve my issue, but I would like some advice before doing so... Does anyone have any idea what could be causing these problems? My primary concern is the problem that renders by SMS/chat logs unusable. In my "ideal world," I would maintain continuous SMS/chat logs back to my first ever text message with every person I know... I would at least like to be able to maintain them back to the day I buy a new phone, as I have always done in the past before this problem with my FrankenPre2.

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    I have the same problem occasionally. I've redoctored and it hasn't really helped. I don't know if it's a problem with Google or a webOS 2.1 problem.

    It seems to work fine for a long time, then it'll just **** out on me for a day or so, then back to normal.
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    Have you ever deleted and re-added your Google account as I did? If so, did you experience the problem I mentioned where all of your old SMS & chat conversations were locked? This is the problem that I am most concerned about at this point.

    I have seen a very few other people post about this or a similar problem. Some of these people actually saw a status in the upper right that said "LOCKED," and they were able to resolve it by simply rebooting... That definitely does not work in my case, and the upper right still shows either "TEXT" or "GOOGLE" depending on which was the last method used in the conversation, and rather than a text box to type in at the bottom, there is a "grayed out" box with the error message I mentioned.

    According to a post by a Palm employee in this forum thread, the problem is with the internal messaging account, which gets assigned a different ID when you wipe data from a WebOS v2.x device. He mentioned developing a patch, but that was back in May, and there has been no update since... I posted a reply to him, but suspect that if he did create a patch, it won't come out until the next official WebOS update.

    If I don't learn anything soon, I guess I will post a request in the Homebrew patches forum here...

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