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    I have two batteries (one from my first Pre Plus and the other that came with my Pre 2).

    I use the Pre+ as a charging slave and switch between the batteries if I happen to run one down.

    Here's the thing, the battery that came with the Pre+ lasts all day, depending what I do. The battery that came with the P2 lasts a few hours.

    The difference is pretty dramatic, from 2x to 4x.

    Lesson: if you are suffering from horrendous battery life, it might be worth it to buy a replacement. Could be the battery itself...
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    i thought it was my battery after trying another too....turns out its a memory leak that develops after 4-8 hours of use

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    Have you figured out which application it is? My phone's been on since I got it with only one reboot that I performed because my email started wiggin' out. My battery life has been tremendous. I can even Freetether it to a TouchPad and the battery takes forever to drain compared to the Pre+ that would seem to flow the juice out like a broken dam.
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    I've been closely monitoring the Pre2 battery threads. Getting a new phone's always difficult to monitor battery life as you don't really have a benchmark as everyone's usage is different. I'd class my use as medium usage but really struggle to get the phone through the day, which is not normally a problem as I have TS at work and home, it's just really when I go out for the day and no charging it becomes an issue.

    So as well as monitoring the battery related threads I bought myself another battery. Really two reasons for this 1. To see if a different battery is any better 2. If poor battery life is a feature it would be good to have a spare.

    I'm in the UK and ordered one from an Amazon third party who ships from the US. It was only 9.99 delivered and being from the US is more likely from another manufacturing batch.

    Once it arrives I'll post results.

    NOTE :- My 3GS was terrible for battery life and I guess I learned to manage it and you can't even change the battery on that!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by urresidentcomedian View Post
    People, especially on tech sites like this one, always tend to over-troubleshoot the simplest things.

    Why doesn't anyone ever think to just try a different battery before trying to be a rocket scientist?
    I imagine one of the reasons is cost, it was for me, but finding one for 9.99 sounded good so thought I'd give it go (hope it's not cheap for a reason :->)

    I guess the other point is that if there is an inherit problem with any equipment the manufacture should really take notice and aim to fix ASAP. Obviously the customer need to be cooperative to achieve this but they shouldn't be out of pocket.

    I do agree with over analysis in general and do see that side too.

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